Boring man: Anything but boring

sitckmen have neve been so awesome

sitckmen have never been so awesome

Boring man: online tactical stickman combat is a fast paced 2d multiplayer shooter by Spazman games that’s surprisingly fun and has you playing as a stickman as you and your team run, gun, shoot, jump, and roll to complete objectives. While a lot of the games graphics, sounds, and modes are simple but that allows for the game to focus on its biggest strong suit the gameplay. Much like  the game “one finger death punch” the simple design let the game run and control with no delay which helps when you trying to out maneuver opponents capture objectives etc. this is also helped by the simple tutorial and easy controls that can lead to awesome moments for even new players.

The simple design also allows for a large variety in the combat in the form of the weapons and items you can equip. At any time you can have two loadout each equipped with two weapons and a equipment item that range from the default assault rifle, pistol and grenades to over the top like the magic fireballs, railguns, and jetpacks. You acquire new weapons by killing opponents and taking them or leveling up. What interesting is the each level you gain earns you a random weapon or item which can be frustrating if you want to get a certain item but can also be fun and exciting as you never quite know what your going to get.

Despite the games fast pace fun gameplay it is not with out flaws. the first and least major is the fact that when you die and respawn you can be randomly spawned on the same point as other players. This leads to spawn camping as the first one to spawn can take some time to aim and kill you. this by no means makes the game unplayable and you do Have two premade loadout you can quickly switch to start with and this does help this problem some. this is still very frustrating when you are trying to switch weapons after unlocking them and keep getting killed before you can retaliate.

The second problem is that there I not a large community of players. As of writing there are three servers two of witch were almost full (each server having a max of twenty player) only playing death match and capture the flag. the only other server had no players at all. this is a real pain because it makes it hard at times to get in a game when the only servers are full or have bad lag. You can host your own games which does help and can lead to some fun trying all the modes, playing with bots, holding public games etc. despite that the community still very small which is a shame that such a fun game has so few people playing.

All that said it still is a fun experience and a well done first game from its developer and since you can try it for free on steam, gamejolt,and the the devs site there is no reason not to give it a try. If you enjoy it you want to support the dev a premium edition can be bought for $4.99 and gives you access to cosmetics, extra loadouts, and other items that don’t effect the game but give you some customization options. in conclusion if your looking for a simple but fun game to play in your free time i highly recommend Boring man

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