Monday night monsters: short, sweet, and spooky.

the best part is the announcer on the left has the perfect expression for the one on the rights puns.

these two boneheads are a ton of fun

Monday Night Monsters is a Halloween themed sports game by spotco. Made for the Ludum Dare 33 competition and based on the theme of “you are the monster”. You take control of a team of monsters as you try to throw the ball into the opponents goal and try to keep them from scoring on you. Each game consists of four quarters that start with three monsters on each team with the team size increasing each quarter. The aesthetics are very fun and colorful, The announcers give a nice commentary on the game as it unfolds (even though the puns are painful at times). Even the little details like the zombie cheerleaders and grim reaper referees on the sidelines add a ton of charm to the game.

All that being said being said being a game made two days it is not perfect. The game controls are strange to get used to. Each round starts with the ref passing your team the ball. The first of your team to get the ball is controlled by the player and fallows the mouse and can pass the ball by holding the mouse button. You can also pause the game to control the rest of your team by clicking and dragging on them. The first problem is that you can only directly control a team member if they have the ball and if they get tackled and lose the ball you have to pause the game to control them like your other team members this can be very jarring if you’re not expecting it. The second problem is the fact that if you’re not holding the mouse directly over the team member you want to move and try to click and drag it will instead move the last team member you selected. This is annoying but is not to bad after a little practice and by no means ruins the game.

In conclusion Monday Night Monsters is a solid game that while rough around the edges is still a fun little distraction and with Halloween around the corner you can do worse if you’re looking for a spooky themed game that even those who don’t like horror can enjoy and for free you can try it with no risk from and newgrounds as a download or in the web browser. (although its worth keeping in mind the game is made in unity and the web play option for unity has issues on google chrome so chrome users might have to download it). overall a definite recommendation.

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