Mud and blood 2: the situation is always FUBAR

Mud and Blood 2: is a flash based RTS/defense game made by Urbz that has you as a commander in world war two tasked with lasting as long as you can defending against waves of German soldiers trying to over run your position. The game pride itself on how brutally hard it can be and while each time you play starts slow it builds to ridiculous levels as the game progresses using random generation to keep the player guessing. much like Boring man it uses a simple art design to allow for a large variety in the combat ranging from different types of soldiers to vehicles, artillery, and airstrikes. this lends itself to multiple replays as you try to survive while never quite knowing what to expect and in that way is a lot like rougelike games like binding of Issac.

Each time you start the game it shows you the battle field witch has random debris that can be used as cover. you start off with four basic soldiers that start at the bottom of the level. from there you can position them anywhere on the map so to prepare for the first wave and much like the enemy you have many options as well. each wave you survive you gain tactical points which allow you to get more units, change their weapons and use the abilities of units.The sheer amount of options is very daunting at first given that you have 24 choices of soldier each with there own strengths, weaknesses, morale, and abilities which are never really explained that well in game.

An example of this is the “sarge” unit who’s description say that he will unF**K your squad costs, 12 tactical points and nothing else. its not until a random tool tip appeared  on the top of the screen that i learn that not only is sarge a powerful fighter he also has the ability to raise the morale of troops so the wont run away from the fight and even then i was unaware that if sarge gets killed your troops suffer such a morale penalty that the will start running anyway. that being said there is a wiki that i do recommend having open cause it tells all these things and more in detail.

Another more minor complaint is the controls everything is controlled with the mouse and left click which may not seem like a big deal until you want to move your units close to each other. an example is the medic which has to be within a certain radius to heal other units but if you select the medic and try to click next to a another unit you may select that unit by mistake and end up moving them instead. now that being said the soldiers do move very slow so it is fairly easy to correct mistakes but in a game that tends to spawn enemies at the wort possible time you don’t want to be caught out of position if your not paying attention.

over all if you like difficult games with random generation or if you enjoy strategy games that give you tons of options and replay ability amd dont mind a steep learning curve i recommend you check it out you can play it for free on Kogregate  or you can go to if you want to play it or check out urbz’s other projects

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