Robocraft. Creative robot wars

Untitledrobocraft is a free to play building and combat simulator by Freejam where you build various type of vehicles and robots fight others to see whose craft comes out on top. the building in the game is very simple to start you begin in a hanger that’s divided into a grid with an arrow which indicates where the front of your vehicle will be. from there you can start building your robot using various blocks in an almost minecraft-esque building system which while simple allows for all sorts of complex designs.

a lot of the fun of the fun of the game come from the building. you start off with a decent amount of all the basic blocks which are enough for two or three robots and finding the right combo of parts to make anything from tanks, planes, hovercraft and mechs is very satisfying.  the combat is also really fun ranging from fast paced firefights to to slow sniper battles and the more options you unlock the more you can experiment to find something you like to use. the game also has several fun modes which range from a single player arena to test your robot to ranked multiplayer mode (though is is worth noting as of writing i have not leveled enough to play ranked so i can’t speak about how fun that is).

that all being said the options are not unlimited. some parts require you to be a certain level to even use and then you have to purchase them using points earned through the playing the game. how many of those point you earn depends on your performance in each match. so if you have several matches were you lost badly i can be hard to get what you need. on the other hand when you happen to have a long streak of good games you can end up having a surplus of points.

however one thing that also helps this problem ties into the business model. if you purchase a premium account you get access to cosmetic items, level up faster and increase the amount of points you gain at the end of each round. you also give everyone you’re in a match with a five percent bonus to the point they earn which stacks with the bonuses other premium users give. you can also purchase premium currency however you can only use it to get the same blocks everyone else can. there is nothing you can buy that no other play can get get so that’s really up to your preference if that is something that bothers you.

in conclusion while you are limited in some ways the games overall amount of content does deserve a try. if you enjoy building games that allow for ton of creativity and fun combat I definitely recommend Robocraft. you can try it for free on steam or at their website.

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