Awesome games fast #1

hello and welcome to this new segment between reviews where i would like to highlight a few fun games to try. they may not always be great but definitely worth a look starting with…..


Gang garrison 2


an 8 bit demake of team fortress 2. far more simple then its 3d counterpart but still a fun little platformer shooter. the amount of details they pack in from the color palette to the text when you die  show what a labor of love this game must have been and with a level editor there is a lot of content to enjoy.

monsters den: chronicles 


the latest in a series of dungeon crawler rpgs with a surprising amount of depth for free games. everything from the gear you choose to the placement of your characters has big effects on how combat goes. with three campaigns and lot of abilities and items to try definitely a recommendation for those who love the genre.

time fcuk


one of the earlier works edmund mcmillen (creator of The binding of isaac and super meat boy) this mind bending  puzzle platformer start of with a box and your character named steven and from there spirals into the weird offbeat humor and difficulty any fan of mcmillens work will know and love.


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