warframe: ninjas in space

warframewarframe is a third person shooter/mmo where you play as the Tenno a race of warriors who pilot biomechanical suits called warframes as they fight the grineer a fascist race of grotesque cloned beings trying to take over the universe. the game starts with your tenno waking up from cryosleep and then being confronted by the grinner headed by Captain Vor. Surrounded and outmatch your helpless as he places a device on your leg later revealed to be a device that would give vor complete control of you. the next few missions are you trying to remove the device all while learning the mechanics of the game. eventualy you remove the device and the game opens up and allows you to explore and begin exploring the solar system.

missions can range from  assassination, to espionage  with many different ways to go about them. whether you want to go stealth or gun blazing they’re all equally viable options.  there is also incredible level of customization which includes…..

  • the warframes themselves each with their own skills strengths and weaknesses. (with a total of 28 options in total to pick)
  • a massive amount of weapons ranging from bows, throwing knives and melee  to machine guns and grenade launchers.
  • mods collected in missions can be added to any of the above to further customize their stats.
  • mods can then be improved by destroying other unwanted mods to level up the one you choose effectively doubling its power in some cases

once everything is to your liking you can go to a mission. just go to the navigation menu pick any planet you have unlocked and choose which mission want and going from there. The combat is fast paced and fluid. you can wait to take out enemies from afar or run in with a sword and chop up enemies. all of which can be done seamlessly  and are incredibly satisfying. as well as going on missions yourself you can also go with a group which does help if you get stuck on a mission.

as fun as the game play is in between missions there is a lot of grinding. whether you’re trying to build a weapon or build a new warframe if you don’t wish to pay money (which from what i’ve seen in several videos on the subject is not worth it) there is a long process to obtain anything the steps of which are…

  • use the in game currency to get a blueprint for the item you want
  • play missions on a area that has the potential to give you the parts you need for the item (and there are item you can only get in some areas)
  • then go to the foundry and select the item then wait for it to build (which can be twelve or more hours but can be sped up )

however some of the grind is lessened by the games trade system and if you enjoy the gameplay there is more than enough content to keep you going while you wait.

overall there is a ton of fun gameplay to be enjoyed if you don’t mind a bit of a grind to get the things you need. I definitely recommend you give it a shot if you want a new fast paced shooter to play.


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