Loadout: A personal take

you know I have been going through a lot of old favorite game recently. mostly for a bit of nostalgia and to relive some good times. a few of them I had forgotten about that I used to play over and over again and have been endless fun. one game however I never got a chance to retry despite really wanting to was loadout. for those who do not know loadout is a free-to-play third person shooter developed by Edge of reality for steam and PS4.

I personally loved this game for many reasons. the first was its commitment to being over the top gratuitous fun. the character a grotesque Caricatures that can withstand cartoonish levels of damage top the point where you end up looking like the aftermath of the Itchy and scratchy show. just looking at the trailer and you’ll see what ridiculous things tend to happen. characters can lose limbs, have holes blow in their chest, have there head reduced to a brain and eyeballs and still keep fighting.

despite the insane violence the game always managed to never take itself to seriously. you can give your character  ridiculous outfits (or no outfit in the case of the male characters) and run around twerking over your latest victim. I cant think of many games that commit to that level of unapologetic excess. after all when you run around in a speedo flipping the bird and blowing people away its hard not to laugh at how absurd everything is. it was kind of a breath of fresh air to know I could join a game and just goof around with no worry that I was gonna be yelled at for not playing liked my life depended on it.

on the mechanical side of the game is it weapon customization. which is yet another thing the developers refused to do halfway. you could make almost anything you can imagine. you wanna fire a rocket machine gun that set your enemies on fire? go ahead. you wanna make a healing sniper rifle? sure thing bud. hell you wanna make a auto shotgun that shoots lighting at the speed of a minigun? knock yourself out. what was really nice about the customization was that you can try everything before you unlocked the parts. this made sure you found a combination you enjoy before you unlock the parts.

on the subject of unlocks and its sad that I have to say this but. THANK YOU LOADOUT FOR LETTING ME JUST BUY WHAT I WANT. it one of those things that I have come to appreciate in recent years. I miss the fact that some games just allowed you get just what you want. no loot boxes, no season pass, no RNG, no bullshit just get what you want and move on. loadout and a few other games I’ve been playing recently do this and it just kind of made me realize how utterly burnt out I am on loot boxes. even games I like that do loot boxes in a reasonably fashion are just frustrating by comparison.

Sadly as much as I wish otherwise the game shut down in may 2018. from what I could find on the matter it was a combination of many factors. Edge of reality closed its door in 2017 due to financial trouble and left the game in the hand of the developers who were not doing much better at the time. combine that with the inability of the team to comply with the UK’s General Data Protection Regulations and the servers had to be finally shut down.

honestly I don’t really know how much more I can say about Loadout. it was an amazingly fun game that I loved and was in many ways the antithesis of a lot of trends in gaming today. going back and watching old videos on the game really showed what a unique experience it was. not only that but the developers really cared about the game and even at the end tried to do what was best for the game and its players. nowhere was this shown more then in this thread were the developer answer question and just talked to member of the community. I hope that some day the dev can make another game with the passion they brought to this game.

if you’ve read this far I want to say thank you for indulging this break from my normal content. I have been wanting to do something like this for a while. a more personal take on a game I love. to be honest I wanted to say more but then id never be finished. so anyway thanks for your time and I hope to have more soon.

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