Pawnbarian: chess meets deck building

Pawnbarian is a turn based deck building game by j4nw. you play as a barbarian making his way through levels and fighting monsters. you move and fight using a deck of card with chess pieces on them. what type of chess piece it is determines how you can move and who you can attack. you are dealt three at the beginning of each round and each piece works mostly like how they do in normal chess. this is a really interesting design to me. you really have to think about what you are doing or else you be stuck in the middle of several enemies with no way out.


at the end of each round you get money based on how many turns it took to finish. with this money you can buy more health or upgrade to the cards you have. upgrades can be things like gaining temporary health when you play a card to adding splash damage that hits enemies when ever you move. you are limited in that you can only upgrade four random card each round and as you upgrade them they get more expensive.

all of this information if explained both through the art style and tips that are displayed on the right of the screen as you mouse over things. its actually very cool how you can gather a lot of info just with visual clues. for example as enemies move and get with in range of you squares with red spikes appear on the floor. these squares will damage you if you end your turn if you are standing on them. you can tell how much damage you will receive by hoe many spikes there are. starting with one and increasing until skulls appear for damage that will out right kill you.


over all Pawnbarian is a solid game with a well done concept and art style. if i had to complain about any thing is that since this is a basically a demo for the steam version it is a bit short. and the difficulty spikes way high in the last two levels. that being said the full game is set to come out sometime in 2020. so if you the concept sound interesting you can play it on new grounds here. and if you enjoy it you can follow the game on steam.

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