quick review: knives in

Knives out is an action game by IFTed and pathiratk done as a school project. the idea is simple a knife is spinning on the screen, you hit space to throw a knife, and you must try to hit all the targets on the screen. as the level progress new obstacles are added to keep things fresh. these include tougher targets that require multiple knives to take down to button that you have to hit to open up targets in other parts of the level. this adds a bit of nice variety.

there are a few issues with the game. it does feel like the knives lag behind at times witch is annoying. especially if you are trying to do each level while using as few knives as possible. I also ran into an problem where since targets don’t despawn when they are hit but do fall to the bottom of the screen. this lead to an issue were i would hit a target and they would fall onto or in front of another target. making it impossible to hit. how ever the game does allow you to skip and restart levels. so you can work around these issue.

overall a short but solid game. I’m always surprised and impressed by the fun games that can be made by a couple of people for school projects or game jams . if you want to try knives in it can be found HERE.

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