Legend of keepers: Another day at the lair

keeper 4

legends of keepers is a rouguelite dungeon defender by Goblinz Studio. You play as a boss hired by The Dungeon company tasked with keeping would be adventures away from the treasure at the end of the dungeon. you do this by hiring monsters, setting traps, and casting spells to weaken and eventually defeat those that try to take your treasure.

you start each level going room to room adding obstacles. you start off with four type of rooms. first is monster rooms were you can place up to three monsters to combat the adventurers. then you have trap room were a single trap is placed.  spell rom that do nothing during the prep phase but allow you to use spells that can damage or add status effects to the heroes. finally you have the boss room were you will face off with the hero’s if you didn’t manage to kill or scare them off. at the end of every successful round you are given a choice if three rewards as well as a bit of the games three main resources.

the resources you can get are blood tears and gold. you get blood from killing heroes, tears from scaring them out of your dungeon as well as a sum of gold for finishing the level. these resources are important because they are use to buy and upgrade your defenses. other rewards you can get can be new monsters, artifacts that give you passive buffs, even upgrades to your boss monster.

I love the style of the game. despite being done in pixel art the art is detailed there is an amazing level of detail. libraries are filled with books and debris. water on the floors reflects what ever is above it. chandelier and bodies sway when the heroes or your monsters cast spells. I also love the mix of fantasy with office politics. tutorials and game over screens are presented by a cyclops H.R person. you can occasionally get an event were vampire tax collectors come to collect but can be bribed with blood. this gives the game a fun unique flair that I really enjoy.

keeper 5

from reflections in water to a frozen ship in the background the detail is beyond cool

the game has a mechanic similar to Darkest Dungeon. were you must on occasion let your minions rest. taking them out of commission while they recover. unlike darkest dungeon however if you keep pushing you minions past the breaking point they don’t die but do get burnt out and are unable to join the fight for far longer then if you had let them rest. despite the consequences not being as dire it still requires a balancing act to make sure your not caught without decent defenses.

now there are a few minor issues that while not deal breaking are worth mentioning. like how when you lose you get kicked to the main menu rather then just being allowed to go straight to a new playthrough. another example is that events will warn you if you don’t have the resources that would be used in the event. however if you have spent all your resources to the point that you wouldn’t be able to do any events you cant just skip those events. you have to activate an event then leave it.

in spite of those minor issues the overall experience is fun with a unique style that you can try on gamejolt here. while it not fully released yet its a fun time and worth a fallow so you can keep up with the games updates.

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