Pokémon showdown: quick review

Pokémon showdown is a fan made game that allows you to create your perfect Pokémon team and battle them. you start by picking a rules set which range from tournament rule types to more silly modes just for fun. from there you can begin creating your team. depending on the rules you might have some restrictions but within those limits you cant make whatever team you want. you pick the Pokémon there moves, items, ivs, even things like there gender an weather or not they are shiny. after that you team is ready you can start battling. the battling is simple the UI is clean and uncluttered and you can even save replays to share with the community.

now while I thoroughly enjoy the game somethings do need to be mentioned. first is that when you are choosing a rule type it doesn’t show what the rules are for that set until your in game. for example in some game modes you can only put one of your opponents Pokémon to sleep but you wouldn’t know that until you get in game. now that not a huge deal I’m sure its not hard to look up but having that info in game whole be super helpful.

another annoying thing about the game is running into some super over powered teams over and over again. this happens a lot and can be super frustrating especially when your trying a new team and run into them multiple times. this isn’t a fault of the game and there are ways to counter it (like using roar to force the enemy Pokémon to switch which removes all stat buffs). it is something to keep in mind as your playing though.

over all if your a fan of Pokémon battling I highly recommend Pokémon showdown its a fun in-depth game and despite its faults is worth a try. Pokémon showdown can be played online or downloaded here

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